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The Little Black Dress Way of Living… Lean

The Little Black Dress symbolizes balance, getting back to basics, and eliminating what you don’t need. So, The Little Black Dress Girlz decided to go with that simplicity when it comes to Living Lean.

This is not a diet. This is, I’m going to eat better, feel better, and live better, like I know I should. But best of all, it’s about fitting into that Little Black Dress for good!

We start our journey by "Taking out the Garbage." Our garbage is anything that contains sugar or white flour, any fried foods, anything containing chemical additives, and last but not least, all fast food.
Next, we "Train our Brains" to live lean.
We break those persistent bad habits and most importantly notice that we are eating in the first place. We also stay fit by implementing an exercise we call ‘Flex-ercise’. The idea is to walk with your thighs. It burns off the fat, it’s great for your posture, and the best part of all is you can flex-ercise with every step of your life. We also head to the gym for a one-hour workout twice a week to ensure that we’ll always fit into our Little Black Dress! Finally, the most helpful routine we implemented was embracing the scale. We look forward to stepping on that scale every day.

It’s all about facing reality, and quite simply, getting back to basics!

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