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The Little Black Dress Way of Living… Life

Together, The Little Black Dress Girlz lost the weight, organized their homes, and found their men. And they'd happily done it all, thanks to the inspiration of The Little Black Dress. So everything was perfect, Right? Wrong!

There is one more lesson to embrace on the journey to Living Life. It's the roller coaster ride of a lifetime...

To find true joy, one must Learn how to ride that roller coaster, once and for all. First of all, be sure to Observe all of the sights and sounds as others exit from their journey.
Then take a chance and Volunteer for the front row. It is your chance to Evolve while living your life.

- Clack, clack, clack, clack, clack - WHAM!
Down the gigantic hill you'll fly, with the uncontrollable desire to Laugh. And all of that laughter will manage to Inspire your onlookers. It can be frightful to Feel the fury of the mighty coaster as it whips you around a dangerous bend.
The secret is to Embrace that wicked bend to the fullest in order to know, without a doubt, that living life on a ‘flat track’ will never be the way to go!

The Little Black Dress Girlz Favorite Rule:   L O V E     L I F E

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