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The Little Black Dress Way of Living… With Less

By Living Lean, our Little Black Dress fit perfectly. So our work was done, right? Wrong. A Little Black Dress Girlz confession: We had a problem. And we knew it. It’s called wretched excess.

The Living with Less journey also begins with "Taking out the Garbage" All excess stuff must go in order to enjoy all the benefits of literally, Living with Less. That would include anything we have too much of. Clothes, accessories, knickknacks, junk. You name it. We all know when too much is just…too much. It was time to implement a Little Black Dress philosophy.

Less is definitely more.

The Little Black Dress Way showed us that Less will always get us More:
Less stuff - More room.
Less clutter - More peace of mind.
Less bills - A lot more money for the future.
Next, we "Train our Brains" to eliminate CHAOS. You know, CHAOS, as in Creating Havoc Around One’s Self. We realized that the chaos around us was completely self-inflicted. Most of our problems could easily be solved by keeping it simple. Little Black Dress simple. We simply say NO! to anything and everything that takes us away from a simpler way of life.

It's all about realizing that less is best!

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