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The Little Black Dress Philosophy

They say the first step in changing your life is to acknowledge that you’ve got a problem in the first place. Well, we sure knew we had a problem, or rather, problems. We knew that we weren’t exactly thrilled when we peeked in the mirror. We knew that staying on top of our domestic plights was overwhelming. We knew that our love lives had become routine and unsatisfying. And we knew that spiritually, we were looking outside of ourselves to fill the void that we felt inside.

But where-oh-where to start fixing all of that? We’re hardly experts; if we were, we’d never have gotten into such a predicament in the first place! So, as friends grappling with the same problems, we decided to turn to each other for help, support, and feedback. As the old saying goes, “Two heads are better than one”. Or better yet, Four squares must be better than three! So we came up with a plan called - 'Four Squares a Day'.

Each Square works on its own, but each is also interrelated and applies to all aspects of our lives. If you think about The Little Black Dress representing the single, simplest thing that you own, love, and always feel good in, simply think of the Four Squares as a representation of how to maintain that special feeling The Little Black Dress gives you.

We must admit, it took us awhile to get the hang of those Four Squares a Day. But we hung in there.

The first Square is obvious: Find a Friend.
It’s how we started up with this strategy in the first place. Because you can’t go it alone. Or at least we couldn’t! You need to find a friend for this journey. Someone to share it with who cares about you, won’t judge you, and will be there for you even if you slip up and need a hand getting back on track.

The next Square is: Take Out the Garbage.
And we mean all of the garbage, not just what’s crammed inside those bags you haul out to the curb. Junk food in the house? Get rid of it. All of that useless stuff you keep saying that you’ll get to eventually? Just do it. Same old tired argument with your hubby? Enough! Emotional doubt? Throw it out.

The third Square is called: Flex-ercise.
Not only is it a great technique that tightens your whole body, it’s also an exercise that clamps down on your willpower. It gives you more energy and clarity, which makes you sharper and more efficient. It also helps you get rid of that literal and symbolic junk you just don’t need.

The last-and most essential-Square is: Train Your Brain.
We have a lot more control over ourselves than we give ourselves credit for. Training your brain is the art of getting used to not reacting, calming down, and saying “No!” to what you know is not good for you. Just think of your brain as a computer, separate from You. You are the teacher, and your brain is the student. Exciting, isn’t it?

Together, we discovered that we were both sick of being bombarded with media messages insisting that if you eat more, buy more, own more, and become more, you’ll be more. We used to fall for those messages. Now we think we were nuts to. And as you will see, “more” did not work for us. All more did was make us gain weight, unnecessarily complicate our lives, and keep us from tapping into our inner selves and finding greater joy. We learned that true joy has to do with paring down, and simplicity. It’s the opposite of clutter, chaos, and accumulation, which is what our lives were threatening to become.
It’s like we were constantly over-accessorizing The Little Black Dress.

The Little Black Dress is perfect as it is.
Minimal. Simple. Timeless.

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