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About the Authors

Jamie Belo

By Jamie Belo

Jamie is currently the very proud mother of a teenage daughter. Formerly, she worked for FOX television developing kids programming and as a director/producer for NHL gamenight entertainment content for the JumboTron Sport screen. Jamie is the wife of Craig Patrick, the former General Manager of the NHL Pittsburgh Penguins of 17 years, and as the Assistant Coach/General Manager of the 1980 "Miracle on Ice" Olympic Hockey Team.

Kathy Burke

By Kathy Burke

A former pediatric nurse at Boston Children's Hospital and Shriners Burn Institute, Kathy is the wife of a leading orthopaedic surgeon and the team doctor for the NHL Pittsburgh Penguins Hockey Team. As a mom of four children, Kathy has been an active volunteer with school committees, comunity events and local sports teams.

Mission Statement:

To tap into every woman's 'common sense' for a healthy, happy, and balanced life, by offering a roadmap to joyful living. Join us on our journey to Living Lean, Living with Less, Living in Love, and best of all, Living Life!

About The Illustrator:

Lauren L. Givens is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University. There, she studied both art and design. Lauren currently resides in Chicago, Illinois, where she works as a graphic designer and illustrator.

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